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Main take away: there is NO SILVER BULLET

The WorldBank and WSP played an important role especially during the start of the Water and Sanitation Decade. Some important documents are shown below (with links to the documents). In recent years the WorldBank promoted the use of SFDs.

The UNDP, especially the Low Cost Sanitation Investment Project in Bandung in 1985 produced interesting documents. Another ground-braking initiatives were the URBAN LOW COST SANITATION DEMONSTRATION PROJECT (INT/81/04 7-Malawi) and URBAN TECHNICAL SERVICES (MLW/86/015). 

Other organisations that shaped the sanitation landscape are: 


In the Netherlands, the following organisations were / are active in sanitation:

WASTE, first in Gouda, later in The Hague pioneered and keeps on pioneering many innovative approaches, not only on the field of resource recovery and Emergency Sanitation, but also through its sister organisation FINISH.

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