Focus on Emptying

Main take away: there is NO SILVER BULLET

UN-Habitat has been and is still active when it comes to mechanical emptying of onsite sanitation. Bjorn Brandberg wrote a good overview of the situation in 2012 and in 2023 an overview was published where also the Dutch PuPu pump is mentioned. Water for People did a lot of work in developing aided manual emptying using the Gulper etc. See video in Mozambique. Also WSUP focuses on manual emptying, see experiences 'Dream Team' in Lusaka. Opero-Services in Kisumu offers experiences with different methodologies, operators can select the best fit. 

When it comes to mechanical emptying of onsite systems, WASTE has been and still is at the hart of the matters. Back in 1988 WASTE started the MAPET. Together with Oxfam and IFRC WASTE pioneered the ROM, see report, video 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the photos below. PRACTICA, supported by WASTE, FINISH, WaterWorX and A4A developed the PuPu pump, see video 1 and 2 and photos below.

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