Generalist with an extensive network in the Netherlands and abroad

Welcome at the site of Jan Spit CS Delft. I am a senior adviser in the field of water and sanitation. I want to contribute to a healthy living environment around the world. I focus on appropriate and sustainable sanitation systems and urban (waste) water management.

As an international, self-employed, independent, water and sanitation consultant, I am flexible, multi faceted and able to apply knowledge and experiences from one corner of the world to the other one. I participate in the development of innovative approaches, tapping funds from large international funding organisations. 

I enjoy advising and helping people in finding pragmatic and innovative answers to create a healthy living environment. I introduce and realize new concepts in a network of international and national colleagues, organisations and enterprises. The mix of institutional, environmental, financial and socio-cultural aspects that play a role when introducing sanitation technologies that are new to communities, fascinates me.


And I am an experienced generalist with a warm heart for the content, a good feeling for the processes and a clear eye for solid project management. I am specialized in initiating new services and products and shaping projects in a creative way. I am educated as a Sanitary Engineer at the Technical University in Delft (1982, Civil Engineering), I completed a post-graduate course on business administration in 1999 and became Master Practitioner NLP in 2004. I live with Angelien in Delft, the Netherlands.

The CS of Jan Spit CS Delft:

Cum Suis: I work in a vast network of (sparring) partners.

Creative Solutions: creativity is piece and parcel of my work and always geared towards solutions.

Consulting Services: most of my work involves consulting services.

Corporate Solutions: I advise governments as well as businesses.

Common Sense: I am a very practical person.

Community Sanitation: community participation and Sanitation are recurring themes.

Complex Systems: water and sanitation might look simple but are in the heart a complex matter.

Consistent & Sustainable: consistency and sustainability are core values.

Heemskerkstraat 8

2613 AL Delft

The Netherlands

NL: +31 6 57 99 78 74

SKYPE: jan.spit.delft

KvK: 901 43 566