My services

  • Execution and support: I execute and support Water and Sanitation programmes and projects. Before we start we agree on contents, quality, timeframe and finances. If and when required, I take the lead and surprise you with innovative approaches and ideas. I assure smooth project and programme execution. 
  • Support, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes: I can be hired to support, monitor and evaluate your Water and Sanitation programmes and projects around the world.
  • Partner in concept-, project- en product development: I am eager to be involved in the development of new WatSan concepts and more than willing to invest my own time and energy in the development of new WatSan projects and products.
  • Project-, proces- en programme- management with a good sense of the agenda of everybody around the table: I can be your temporary project-, proces- en programme manager, both in The Netherlands or abroad. Because of my long-term involvement with commercial enterprises, I am used to manage quality, budget and time adequately. Because of my work with NGOs, I have a good feeling for the non-commercial aspects. As I was also employed on the (Government) funding side, I have developed a good sense for requirements that funding agencies have. And last but not least: because of my employment by the UN, I well understand the challenges when working with multi-lateral agencies.
  • Hire: In case you are short of manpower.
  • Training: I am an experienced trainer in sanitation, wastewater and faecal sludge management and in the field of mindmapping.

My focus

  • Sustainable Development Goals Water and Sanitation: fulfilling the SDGs is a challenging affair. I am specialised in the field of sanitation, faecal sludge management and climate change. I know how important it is to pay attention to the Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technological and Social-Economic aspects.
  • Sanitation chain and valorisation: I am used to treat sanitation as a chain of interlocking steps. I have hands-on experience in the valorisation of wastewater, excreta and urine: reuse of effluent, production of biogas, terra preta sanitation, co-composting etc.
  • Sustainable and innovative urban watermanagement and community participationit takes municipalities and water authorities more than just pumps and pipes to cope with the effects of climate change. I have studied a wide range of innovative technological solutions and I have developed a methodology to involve the communities successfully in the management of urban water. 

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The Netherlands

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